“I am a non-judgemental, unconditionally supportive presence for you.” 

Birth support includes several prenatal visits, ongoing communication and knowledge sharing, attendance at your birth, and postpartum visits to assist in your transition. As your doula, I intuit your needs and individualize my presence to meet them. During the course of our time together, I offer nuturing, guidance, elucidation, and advocacy. Most importantly, I hold space for you to ensure that your journey is validated and witnessed. I am a non-judgemental, unconditionally supportive presence for you. Birth support falls on a silding scale depending on your compensation availability. 


︎An initial meeting to learn more about one another
︎ 2 prenatal visits in preperation for your birthing time
︎ Our time together can include elucidation, advocacy, relaxation, nurturing, birth envisioning, and more
︎ Continuous virtual support throughout pregnancy
︎ Support during early labor and attendance at your birth
︎ Immediate postpartum support
︎ 1 postpartum visit to assist in your transition which can include belly wrapping, birth story processing, feeding guidance, and basic newborn care
︎ Continuous virtual support into the 4th trimester

Inquire about traveling, live-in birth & postpartum support

Birth Doula Deposit (reserves support for your birth)

Birth Doula Balance (due at 37 weeks)

Guidance Session (1.5 hour additional prenatal visit and/or birth consulting) 

Postpartum Care (3 hours of continuous support)