“I could not speak more highly of Sonja or recommend her to other women more strongly. She was with us from the very beginning of an almost 60 hour labor and stayed until after the baby was born. She was a tremendous help to both me and my husband. I don’t think I would have been able to get through it without her.” -Nataleigh

“We did a hypnobirthing class with Sonja and I am so grateful for the experience! She’s a wonderful instructor and has such a beautifully encouraging presence. She does so great with instilling confidence, I highly recommend!” -Veronica

“We can't thank you enough for your calming presence and for teaching us the hypnobirthing work.  We feel so lucky to have found you and have cherished these sundays together. It has been so nice to have dedicated time to meditate together and stay focused on our baby. Truthfully, I'm a bit sad it's over. We both feel so much more prepared and equipped to have the type of birth we'd both like to have, we wouldn't be feeling this way had we not worked with you.” -Lauren & Jeff

“Sonja is one of the most sensitive, in tune, attentive boss ladies I know.” -Zeynep

“Having known Sonja for almost a decade, I can say she is most definitely a woman you want by your side. Even though it’s been years since we lived together, her friendship and strength still keeps me grounded. I almost want to have a baby just so she could be my doula. For now, I stay dog mom.“ -Audrey

“Thank you Sonja for encapsulating my placenta. You are amazing, and I am forever grateful for your generosity towards Blythe and I. You Rock!!” -Simone

“I had my first postpartum checkup, and my uterus has shrunk all the way back to normal down there. It’s my last week of bellybinding, which I attribute my fast recovery to.” -Phoebe

 “I will forever be grateful to you being there . You are the best always !!” -Ashanti