I’m a queer, Serbian-American poet, educator and birthworker based between New York City, Massachusetts, and Belgrade, Serbia. I received my Masters in Fine Arts from New York University in 2019 and am pursuing a diploma in quantum midwifery through The Matrona.

My poetry has been published in various journals, and in 2018 I was awarded a Writer’s Fellowship by the Edward F. Albee Foundation. As a second generation Serbian-American, my work explores themes of identity, diaspora, dual consciousness, multigenerational bodily memory, family constellations, power, and language and the imaginary as mechanisms for destabilizing inherited (institutional and capitalistic) modes of thinking.

As an educator, I’ve taught writing at New York University, The City University of New York, and Legal Outreach, a nonprofit that “seeks to level the educational playing field for minority, low-income, and first generation students.” I am also a hypnobirthing educator, guiding birthers in instinctive birth, and have volunteered as a doula with the various nonprofit organizations. In collaboration with poets Jiaoyang Li and Cole Bjelic, I coedit 叵CLIP, an online journal oriented toward experimental, hybrid and process-based writing and art.

I see birthwork as an extension of my poetry practice and interests in language, breath, memory, the subconscious and the divine. I seek to provide sensitive and holistic birther-led care to those whom I support. Growing up with a mother who had three natural births, two of which were home births, I was raised to see birth as a natural and transformative experience.